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Once you are an adult, you come to the realization that your hormones play a major role in how you feel, especially when it comes to your reproductive hormones. When testoterone, estrogen, and progresterone are at their proper levels within your body, everything is balanced. Everything is on track. You feel like you are ready to take on anything that life can throw at you. That can all change in what feels like a heartbeat when your levels are off, especially when it comes to low testosterone. Believe it or not, but testosterone has an impact on the health of both men and women. If you suspect that your levels are off and your symptoms are getting the best of you, low testosterone treatment dallas could be the answer.

What’s Going on with Your Testosterone Levels?

Testosterone is produced in your body whether you are a man or a woman. While it is mainly associated with men, it is also part of a woman’s reproductive system and is released by both the adrenal glands and the ovaries. No matter who you are, if you experience an extreme or sudden drop in testosterone levels, it can send your system off kilter. Typically, low testosterone levels become a problem as middle age gets closer. Most people experience fluctuations that become noticeable between their forties and fifties. If your drop in testosterone is extreme, you could experience the following:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • The inability to sleep well at night
  • Depression and irritability
  • A loss of strength, energy, and stamina
  • An increased risk of osteoporosis in women
  • Weight gain
  • A lack of libido

If you are experiencing some of all of these symptoms, it can make you miserable. Testosterone replacement therapy Dallas, otherwise known as HRT, could be the answer.

You Want Your Life Back

Whether you are a male or a female, a low testosterone clinic Dallas could help you with a prescription for hormone replacement therapy to get your levels back into the normal range so that you can start feeling like yourself again. Your low testosterone levels can make you feel like your body is out of control. One of the most frustrating issues that comes with low testosterone is a problem with weight gain. When testosterone plummets, it affects your metabolism. Everything slows down. The fat starts to build up. At the same time, your bones and muscles become weaker. You start to drag with a fatigue that you can’t shake, even if you get extra sleep. However, you’re more likely to not sleep well at all. This only makes the problem worse. All of these changes can make the pounds add up. It becomes harder and harder to stick to your regular workout routine. Even if you change your eating habits to try and cut back more than you did before, your weight may not cooperate. When you’re dealing with weight gain and all of your other symptoms, it can be overwhelming. A testosterone doctor dallas can poitn you in the right direction.

Turn Your Low Testosterone Levels Around

When you go to a low testosterone clinic dallas, your testosterone doctor will sit down with you to listen to what is troubling you. Be up front about your symptoms, how long they have been affecting you, and how your life has changed. Your testosterone doctor will need to examine you to check your vitals. Expect questions about your health history and any underlying conditions you may have that can have an impact on your health. Another key part of your exam will include a blood test. By taking your blood and having it tested in the lab, it will be possible to prove if low testosterone is what has been causing your symptoms. If your testosterone levels are the problem, testosterone pellet therapy dallas can help you to feel like you have control over your body once again.

Remember What it’s Like to Feel Like Yourself Again

When you are struggling with low testosterone, it may be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. That can all change when you begin testosterone pellet therapy dallas. The process begins once your doctor has a measurement of your testosterone levels. Your testosterone doctor dallas will be able to prescribe testosterone pellet therapy for you. A small pellet will be inserted under the surface of your skin. Typically, it is placed in one of your buttocks. Once it is in place, there is nothing more you need to do. You don’t have to worry about remembering to get your next dose. The testosterone replacement therapy will be released over time. In the next three to five months, your doctor will call you in to have another pellet inserted. Meanwhile, you can get back to feeling well again as your testosterone levels get back to where they should be.